travelXOXO was born out of a need to organize travel, both personal and business! Spending numerous hours at airports, we spotted people reaching into their backpack and pulling out a roll of tangled wires at security-check damaging them in the process. Jackets and business suits being carried awkwardly; women hunting for things in their large handbags and sometimes having to overturn them in frustration. We knew there had to be a better way! travelXOXO was born out of this very need to organize travel, both personal and business! 

What started off as a personal design project soon gained a lot of interest amongst everybody we showed the first few products to. We used each product personally for over a year to iron out the kinks, setting right the size of each pocket and zip. We incorporated the principles of design thinking through the entire process of design and creation of each product. We listened to our early believers who we thank everyday! Some of our products are at V5 even before they are launched. This passion translated into thoughtful, well designed, tested for durability, products that you can count on. 

While we are young, our focus is to use design, research and highest quality durable materials to develop innovative products that our customers would love to use. We are working hard to expand our range while remaining true to our philosophy of organising your travel with you. 

In this world full of making-connections, technology and traffic, our mantra is more important now, than ever before… 

Travel Lighter, Smarter!